Spreading the Holiday Cheer

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in West Wellington. Shops are breaking out the decorations, and frenzied shoppers are on their way. But simply slapping up some tinsel in the storefront window doesn’t cut it in this end of town. From the priciest to the thriftiest, stores on Wellington West have clearly put in extra effort to attract Ottawa’s gift-hunters.

At the West-end location of Victoire, a Canadian-designer-focussed fashion boutique, an understated yuletide garland (pictured above) sweeps delicately from mannequin to mannequin in the front window.

Staff members Emily and Sheena think it looks great, but say they may have underestimated how long it takes to produce more.

“I pricked my finger so many times (that) I gave up,” says Emily.

In the picture at left, Sheena takes her turn.

Down the street at West Wellington’s St. Vincent de Paul, the Christmas display is anything but understated. A wall of Santa figurines flanked by other holiday knick-knacks greets you as you walk into the store. But if you look at the display from inside the store, you’ll see a sign saying “items on display not for sale.” Evidently, they don’t want any holes in their frontline Santa squad.


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