Take a Stroll, Stop a crime!

Good news for all you West Wellington window-shoppers! You may be  deterring criminals, just by walking around!

Wellington Community Police Officer Const. Andrew Milton recently wrote an article in the Newswest section of the Kitchisippi Times describing how the new look on Wellington West creates an area that’s more friendly to pedestrians, and much less friendly to criminals.

With wider sidewalks, public art installations (yes! that’s what those fire-hydrants with veggies and rubber boots on top are!), and benches for tired shoppers to rest on,  Milton says the Wellington Street West redesign is a great example of CPTED, or Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design.

According to Milton, who has been serving West Wellington since  February 2010, the community has evolved greatly in the last 10-12 years. No longer a hotspot for drugs and prostitution, the area is now relatively quiet.

The biggest concern of late has been theft, as evidenced by the four convenience store robberies in recent memory. As Milton says, “you’ll never have a perfect community,” but the more residents that are out interacting with their environment, the better.

“Our resources are tied up as it is,” says Milton, “they can be our eyes.”


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