Hobbs Excuses Absence

Just before being sworn in as Kitchisippi’s new ward councillor, Katherine Hobbs was scrambling to tie up some loose ends.

One of them was an email from the westwellingtonword asking why she missed last week’s Infill Intensification Forum hosted by the Wellington Village Community Association.

Hobbs had said she would be at the meeting, but a week later, organizer Katie Paris still had not heard from the councillor-elect.

Well Katie, consider this your answer!

“I do regret missing the meeting as it certainly is a critical subject in the Ward,” said Hobbs, responding in an email, ” I did have a meeting booked on that evening and told Katie I would be arriving later.  But unfortunately the timing did not work out well enough for me to get there on time.”

Hobbs also said her busy schedule and lack of an office were bogging her down as she prepared for her first stab at ward councilor status.

“I certainly intend to attend future meetings, and look forward to working with Katie.  I am planning to call her to meet one on one and discuss,” said Hobbs, now officially Coun. Hobbs.

Hopefully, she isn’t double-booked next time.

Now that Hobbs is officially councillor,(she was sworn in Wednesday evening along with nine other new councillors),  her dayplanner can only get more full. The determining factor for Hobbs’ success will be whether she can balance important official duties with invaluable face-time for constituents.

As a Kitchisippi resident and young journalist, this blogger certainly hopes she can.


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