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Going Out With a Bang…or Rather, a Strike!

Well folks, I’ve come to the end of my multimedia journalism course. That means the West Wellington Word may be going on hiatus for a while because I’ve got my other journalistic blog,, to maintain.

A big thanks goes out to all my amazing sources especially the wonderful people at the Wellington Village Community Association. Katie and Jason consistently gave me info for stories and were always shooting tips my way, and I am super grateful.

Keep in mind everyone, I’m still a reporter in Ottawa, and things that interest one community tend to interest others as well. So I’m still fair game for any West Wellington story ideas or tips you might have! You can email me at

I’ll leave you all with a little something to look at. Here’s my final project: a multimedia slideshow complete with audio and visuals. Thanks to Ricky Balestra and the folks at West Park Bowling Centre for allowing me to document this community hub.

In sum of my community blogging experience, here are my famous last words.

West Wellington RULES!


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