Convent Issue Update 3

Well folks, I know I’m a little tardy, but here it is.

City planners have approved the re-zoning of Les Souers de la Visitation convent to allow for Ashcroft’s development, but the city will try to buy back some land on the convent site to preserve park space. They now have  until March 31 to figure out how, they’ll pay for the land.

According to the CBC’s coverage of the issue, Kitchisippi can access a fund of $1.3 million to purchase the land, but as referenced in my previous post, it will likely cost the city much more than that.

Apparently, the community has not received the approval to re-zone the land lightly.

The Ottawa Citizen reported that Peter Hume said the convent issue was the most controversial put before the planning committee that he could remember.

It’s now up to city council to decide how to proceed in dealing with the development.




Checking out The Parkdale Market — a teeny bit too late!

My first photo assignment! I was all ready to shoot the fruits and vegetables at The Parkdale Market! But when I got there, I found only a charming group of guys who were transforming the place for winter. Hey! That works too!


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Convent Issue Update 2

Well Folks,

Looks like there’s a bit of commotion to update you on over at City Hall!

Council gave a speedy go-ahead to residents on friday meaning that they now have permission to purchase some of the convent site back from Ashcroft in order to preserve the area’s greenspace and decrease the density on site.

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Convent Issue Update

I’d love to give you folks more news about what’s being decided re: the Planning and Environment Committee meeting on the development at  Les Soeurs de la Visitation convent, (see “What’s Up in West Wellington” page for details but looks like not much has been decided yet as they wait for everyone to present.

See these comments from the Hampton-Iona Community Group who are following the issue closely!

The committee will resume tomorrow, Nov. 18th at Ottawa City Hall at 1 pm.


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“Word UP!”

This is me! Your faithful WWW blogger Averie MacDonald!

If there’s one thing I love, it’s wordplay. So when I decided I’d be covering West Wellington (or Wellington West, according to the BIA) I decided I would call my blog the West Wellington Word so I could abbreviate it as WWW, like the “World Wide Web”. It’s actually very clever, because this blog is the main project for my first-ever multimedia journalism class at Carleton University — a class which is all about the usefulness, (and maybe some of the abusefulness) of the Internet as a journalistic medium.

Stay tuned for news from my trip to the Wellington Village Community Association Meeting tonight. It’s time for me to figure out what this community is all about!

Word to your mother! (I promise I won’t say that every post!)


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