What’s the Word?

About the West Wellington Word (WWW):

WWW began in November 2010 as an assignment for a multimedia journalism class  by third-year Carleton student/reporter Averie MacDonald. The challenge was to cover the area of West Wellington (Parkdale Market and Wellington Village Area) as an independent news outlet using an interacitve, multimedia platform. The name, a play on the World Wide Web’s abbreviation, is pretty catchy, don’t you think?

Thanks to the Wellington West BIA for this picture! This blog covers the grey and green areas!

Averie carved this beat out from scratch by deciding to focus on the area from Island Park Drive to Parkdale Avenue (West-East) and Scott St. to the Queensway (North-South). The blog doesn’t include Hintonburg. That’s her classmate’s territory! Each week (and as often as possible in between), new content will be posted here featuring West Wellington community characters, issues, and events. Stay tuned for eye-catching, attention-grabbing, mind-stimulating WWW content (well, let’s hope so)!

About the blogger:

Hi! I’m Averie MacDonald.

-I’m one of the few Carleton journalism students from Regina, Saskatchewan, but I currently live in Hintonburg in Ottawa. I know, I know, I’m not QUITE living in the area I’m covering in this blog, but close enough!

-I want to be a journalist because as long as I can remember I’ve been telling stories, and you know what they say, truth is often stranger (and more compelling) than fiction.

-I have many quotes to live by posted on colored cue cards above my desk. One of my favorites is “As a face is reflected in water, so a person is reflected by their heart.” Yeah, that’s from Proverbs 27:19. I really believe in all that love thy neighbor stuff.

-If I could get a job anywhere it would be as a documentary producer/researcher for an independent company that makes films that change the way people think. Preferably one that could actually afford to pay me a decent salary.

-(I realize the latter is virtually unattainable, but hey—a girl can dream).

Check out my personal blog called the (r)ave,  at averiemac.wordpress.com!

-Averie 🙂

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